Architecture / signage / font design by a mma-architect

Visible Architecture - A Forethought


Alright, this might be a little ethereal, but in terms of design it’s something I believe is worth thinking about. As I see it, we should be able to deconstruct any piece of considered graphic design and see how it’s been built — process, materials, what it does and also be able to appreciate the design’s aesthetics. I suppose what I’m talking about is a wider definition of the word ‘architecture’, one that applies to furniture design, textiles, physical structures and digital works.

The foundation of successful design has to be a flexible and appropriate system that supports the content or message in the work. The design’s framework should support content, usability and look good but ultimately it’s a framework that ties together singular components into something more useful.

For example, the foundation of a web application doesn’t reside solely within the structure you can see and visually deconstruct to reveal a grid, but is also the organisation and function of the code, invisibly supporting interaction at the user interface level. It’s a process of development and multi-level architecture.

Ultimately what designers are doing is planning, designing and evaluating the construction of advertising/promotional/sales structures for the use of, or transmission to, people.

Architecture in graphic design is part of a personal aesthetic approach to a problem that also has to consider everyday usage, target or environment. It’s how we get from that blank page to the final product.

All of this of course doesn’t include self-indulgent posters that designers churn out simply to keep the right side of their brain functioning normally. Those are just posters. For designers.

I have some more ideas and case studies to share on this subject that I’ll publish soon, but wanted to set the stage with this article.

OK, I’m going for a coffee. Would anyone like one?

Architecture / signage / font design by a mma-architect.