Why this election won’t change anything in America (and what we can do about that).
Steve Hilton

Going backwards to the good old medieval ways, is not the solution. Its taken us thousands of years to get to this so-called “ bureaucratic age”. However, strong, stable, internally focused governments irrespective of political persuasion is the primary success factor for a country. From Communism in the Soviet Union ( from complete oblivion in the 1930’s to the words fastest growing economy or 30 or so years in mid 20th century) to Market Capitalism in the US from 1933–1970, to State Directed Capitalism in Japan in the 1960’s — 80's, Korea in the 1970’s and China in the last 40 years, Singapore in the last 25 years, the fastest growth in GDP and lifestyle, has been when the government has an industrial vision for the country and gets the people rallied around it, without wasting money on external wars. The Soviets had the Silicon Valley of the 1950's going on, but collapsed due to military expansionism and the US has gone awry in the last 40 years for the same reason, depleting resources through external wars without receiving any treasure in return. Collaboration at scale is the reason humans are so successful on this planet. The sum of the whole is exponentially greater than the parts at scale, that why heavily populated cities are economic powerhouses and the same with larger heterogenous countries. We need more of this collaboration at scale, that through not regression to the the family, the local community or even to the country. The only way to fix the world is to move to a directly represented democracy at the global level, with a two tier global government modeled on the US system — one of country leaders ( UN assembly) and one of direct voted leaders of wold parties ( world parliment / congress). This is the only way, we’ll stop war ( one single peace force), curb multinationals ( one world court that can set laws that no company can hide from), manage climate change, environmental destruction, refugees, disease control, poverty, income inequality etc. 4�