Pepsi Introduces an Internal Content Agency
David Aaker

I am completely biased in this comment because I work for an external marketing consultancy.

That being said, I agree with all the reasons you lay out, Mr. Aaker. But I believe there are a few structural reasons against bringing content marketing internal. None of the reasons can’t be overcome by a strong leader, but you can’t plan on that long term. I actually think the right answer is a third model we haven’t thought of yet; not internal, not fully external. Maybe “embedded?”

  1. Internal devisions take less creative risks because they do not have the safety net of other clients.
  2. Internal creative divisions can become insular; creativity suffers, and ideas can stop making sense as they bounce around internally. External agencies have much more creative fodder to solve problems with because they are being exposed to other companies efforts.
  3. If the brand and the creative direction need to pivot, it is a painful process to shake up or lay off an internal devision. External agencies are easy to change in comparison.

Food for thought,
Colin Finkle,

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