The Edinburgh International Science Festival, Professor Brian Cox and a 5 Star Guest House

SIX Brunton Place

I have a dear friend that runs the most amazing Guest House; as of today she has had 494 reviews on TripAdvisor and not one less than 5 stars… that’s bloody phenomenal in my book.

This year we have the Edinburgh International Science Festival running from 1st — 16th April (Easter is a little later this year). Have you seen the line up? No, me neither, it’s imminent, all we do know is: “… we will be exploring the intersection of science and technology with the digital and creative industries in the Information/Digital age through our programme theme Our Connected World.” The following YouTube clip (3mins) is the latest upload from the Science Festival Youtube Channel:

Experiments in Space, Tim Peake & Tim Kopra (3:33)

Now what about Professor Brian Cox… he’s coming back to Edinburgh, 8pm 7th May at the Playhouse. If you missed him at the tail end of last year, hell you’ve got to witness this. Space, science and more explained in such a way that will truly expand your mind. He’s an amazing individual with a great way of explaining and describing some of the most extraordinary things that we are all part of.

Brian Cox lecture about the Universe (51.28)

The Edinburgh International Science Festival:

Professor Brian Cox at Edinburgh’s Playhouse:

Edinburgh’s most loved 5 star Guest House:

What do any of these three things have in common? Personally I think they’re all bloody phenomenal.