Democracy is in Danger

The Capitol Insurrection was only the beginning.

The crowd in front of the Capitol on Jan 6, 2021

On January 6, 2021, a mob of armed and dangerous Conservatives stormed the US Capitol in an attempt to overturn the Presidential Election. They carried zip ties, baseball bats, and even firearms into the building as they searched for those they believed responsible for a great injustice. It was the most violent act of treason in centuries, but it won’t be the last.

Like many of you, I remember the moment I learned the Capitol was under attack. I figured there would be some unrest that day, and I just thought I could sleep through it and sort through the news later. After a few hours, I was awoken by constant phone notifications that the crowd of Trump supporters had turned into a full-scale assault on the Capitol. What I thought was surely a dumb joke turned into fear as I realized what was happening and what could continue to happen.

As the Jan 6 Hearings open, they are a stark reminder that our nation is under attack from within. Pro-Trump supporters ravaged our Capitol last year in a vicious attempt at a coup, demonstrating that this threat wasn’t just on /pol/ on 4Chan, but a real and dangerous movement that would stop at nothing to see their ends met. Perhaps most disturbing is that individuals allegedly crafted it at the highest levels, including President Trump.

Representatives leading the Congressional hearings on the Insurrection

With such powerful people encouraging such violence, one is left to wonder what could be next? If they were bold enough to attempt to overturn a national election and storm the Capitol, what else are they capable of? As the rhetoric has only ramped up since last year, I’m forecasting dark days in the near future.

Extremist groups and their ilk enjoyed a time in the spotlight during Trump’s presidency. The media attention and constant counter-protests to oppositions like BLM raised awareness of their causes and capability. In one such demonstration, a white-supremecist drove their vehicle through a crowd of counter-protesters. More recently, a literal truckload of them were arrested before they could violently interrupt a Pride rally.

A Patriot Front member arrested with others from the back of a cargo truck.

These extremists are no longer hiding in the shadows. They no longer are something you only see on VICE News. They’re real, and unafraid to force their ideologies upon us by any means necessary. The Capitol Insurrection and lack of aggressive response has served only to embolden them to plan and execute more dangerous and sinister actions.

The Congressional investigation is a good place to start, but I fear it’s too little too late. Without the timely and full-force response the perpetrators at the Capitol should’ve received, we are facing the threat of white Christian nationalism that is unbridled in the face of the law. President Biden and his administration lack the stones needed to take the fight to the extremists, under the excuse of “uniting” America.

Can we really unite with people that have such a blatant disregard for our democracy? In my eyes, there’s no redemption for them. Without forceful enforcement, these terrorists will continue to sow discontent with bolder and more violent attempts at toppling our way of life.

Democracy is in danger; and if you aren’t part of the MAGA crowd, so are you.



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