You may delve into this concept more in your book or elsewhere.
Sarah Jukes

When I say ‘complete person,’ I typically mean someone who is whole unto themselves. That is, they don’t rely on anyone else to be complete; they’re not half looking for someone to make them whole.

This means that in a relationship, we can both view each other as someone we choose to have in our lives, rather than someone we need to survive, to be complete. We can make intentional choices about how to be with each other and value each other as wonderful additions, rather than practical necessities. This impacts every interaction and choice we make about the relationship.

I screen for this by looking for people who have something they’re passionate about in their lives, who are already in a good spot and living for themselves and their work and their friends and family, rather than waiting for someone to step in and make their life happen. I also look for people who I can get along with as good friends, first, so that we can know each other on that level from the get-go, which means if we end up deciding later that the romantic side of things doesn’t make sense anymore, we’ve still got each other as friends and allies.

Hope that all makes sense :)