A Life of Design

Colin James Belyea
Jun 5, 2016 · 1 min read

Many have said “Live your life as if it were a work of art”.

Art is magical and beautiful. But it is also whimsical and arbitrary.

Live your life like a designer, however, and everything obstacle becomes an opportunity to create not just beauty but utility.

Art can make us look deep inside ourselves to find truths we didn’t realize were there. But so can a wonderfully designed house- and it can also sleep seven, host a dinner party, and hold up a punching bag in the garage.

Design is art that moves around us and with us, and our interaction with different design affects us more than we can say. When you walk into a beautiful room, you know it was made to make you feel that way. Walk into an ugly one and all you feel is negligence. Speak with a happy, engaging person and feel the glow they put off. Then speak with someone dark and dour and feel the neglect they’ve applied to themselves.

Design is simply noticing things you can change and then changing them for the better. Either your life is designed by you with the purpose and forethought, or it is shaped by the ground that it falls on.

Colin James Belyea

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product manager, designer, and marketer. montreal/global. www.colinjamesbelyea.com