Technology could be the best or worst thing that happened to inequality
World Economic Forum

One of the biggest problems is people that still downright distrust and have a distaste, as well as lack of interest, in learning, interacting and engaging in technology. My stepfather constantly talks about green energy putting millions out of work and harnessing wealth for the 1%. I hear stuff like this all the time. As long as the young people of today, like myself I assume, grow up with not only an interest in technology, but also an aptitude for ironing out moral implications, we should be ok.

The problem is society, and the government especially, is not doing a great job at getting young kids to see the potential of technology and how they can shape it, instead of just interacting with it on the iPad, smartphone, or Xbox. I wish I had the link, but there is a great study and article that illustrates technological rifts in history, and it has always been for the better and almost always has resulted in MORE jobs, not less; albeit the jury is still out on whether the new jobs were of higher quality and better paying.

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