Staying Organized In Web-Development Bootcamp

I’m Project-Managing myself through Web-Development Bootcamp.

In an intense program like CodeCraft, it is important to stay on top of your assignments, assessments, readings, places to improve, etc. It’s easy for things to get lost and before you know it, you’ve forgotten things that needed to get done, or you are just confused as to what to do next.

I was first introduced to Trello during my work as a Project Manger in a design agency. It helped me stay ahead of projects and know what I needed to get done and how to delegate tasks to my teammates. There is one project board I am particularly proud of that I wish I still had access to as it laid out a four month project that had a lot of moving parts. It felt good to review that project board upon completion and see how far we had come.

Above you can see the layout of my Trello board for CodeCraft. I’ve got general information and links to the far left, things to continue to study after I am done with CodeCraft, assignments as they come in, assignments in progress, and so on. When I don’t know what I should be doing (usually because my brain is moving so fast with projects), my Trello board keeps me studying or working on the next thing.

Trello has been an invaluable tool for me as I work my way through web-development bootcamp, and once the interview process begins post-graduation, this Trello board will continue to help me stay on task. I can’t recommend Trello enough, and best of all, it is a free tool!

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