Trading ‘Stories’
M.G. Siegler

To me, Instagram has always been the classy social network. Here’s how I rate Instagram’s changes over the years:

  1. DM’s: mostly useless to me, but I don’t mind that they’re there. I guess I use this feature to “forward” interesting ‘grams to my friends occasionally.
  2. Android: There’s room for everyone!
  3. Video: I was aprehensive at first, but it turns out it’s a nice addition. I was worried it would add “Vines” to my feed, but fortunately people (I follow) generally use it with taste. More like “motion photos”.
  4. Ads: They gotta pay the bills right? I don’t love ads on Instagram, but they do a great job of keeping the place classy.
  5. Non-square aspect ratios: FINALLY
  6. Longer video: I don’t spend much time watching longer videos, but they aren’t in my face.
  7. Non-chronological feed: I would switch it back to chronological if I could, but in all honesty it doesn’t affect my usage pattern of Instagram much. I still just scroll-scroll-scroll until I see photos I’ve already seen.
  8. UI overhaul: Love the new icon, ambivalent on the UI. Mostly OK with it now.
  9. Suggested friends/feeds (within main feed): Pretty useful actually.
  10. Stories: NO. This feature has the greatest potential to ruin Instagram for me.

Did I miss anything? I generally like the ancillary app content (Hyperlapse, Boomerang, Layout) that shows up in my feed, but those aren’t core features that have been added to the main app.

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