005: Neal Rothschild / Founder of Rooster

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Neal Rothschild is the founder of Rooster, a 6-minute daily podcast that updates you on all the news you need to know. Neal just launched Rooster at the beginning of this year and it was great to interview a founder just getting started on a really promising startup. Neal initially came up with the idea while walking back and forth to the school he was teaching at in Romania. Before Rooster, Neal was also a journalist with pieces published in the New York Times and USA Today.

In this episode we cover:

  • Why he decided audio is the most effective and efficient way to get information?
  • How he landed on the name Rooster?
  • Why critical feedback the best feedback?
  • What the process is like producing a daily podcast?
  • How he stays on top of all the news in the world? Hint: Twitter lists

Neal’s Idols in New Media:

Neal’s Favorite Books:

Listen to the episode on iTunes

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