Hotel Hogwarts

Stay a night in the magical world of Harry Potter

I visited Harry Potter World while in Florida this past week and it was a surreal feeling finally stepping into the fictional world.

Universal’s Diagon Alley

The attention to detail of the new fully immersive Diagon Alley blew me away. After the sun sets it acutally feels like you are walking through the wizarding world. The 11 year old in me could not have been any more excited.

At the end of the day I found myself not wanting to leave. I got a taste of JK Rowling’s world and that just wasn’t enough. What we need is a Hogwarts Hotel.

Gryffindor Common Room

Arrival: Take a boat pulled by unseen forces across a lake up to the castle and be sorted into your house at the sorting hat ceremony.

Housing: Stay in one of the four wings of the Hogwarts Hotel just like the students. Each have their own Hogwarts house themed common rooms. I expect guests will come back multiple times to experience each of the four houses.

Location: Universal would probably prefer to keep it on the grounds in Flordia, but to truly recreate the atmosphere, Hotel Hogwarts should be located where the weather and scenery matches the book. Ireland, Scotland, and England all have the requiste lake, forest, and mountains necessary to recreate the grounds. Hotel Hogwarts would be such a big destination that people would travel anywhere (and likely pay whatever) to experience it.

Black Lake: Take a dip in the hotel’s pool right next to the actual lake. The infinity edge makes it look like it’s a part of the deep, mysterious lake. Swim underwater and listen to merpeople, but watch out for the giant squid.

Forbidden Forest: Wander through the dark and dreary woods if you dare. Centaurs, spiders, and flying cars all roam free back here.

The Great Hall

The Great Hall: Eat in the main dining area with the traditional four long wooden tables for each of the houses.

Potions Classroom
Prefect Bathroom Spa

Activities: Take a potions class down in the dungeons or study the stars at the top of the astronomy tower. Wander through the corridors listening for hidden basilisks and stroll through the greenhouses and onto the Quidditch pitch. Get some rest in the prefect bathroom spa at the end of the day.

The kids that grew up loving Harry Potter are now real adults with disposable income. An authentic Hogwarts experience would be a priceless, almost spiritual pilgrimage for the millions of die-hard Harry Potter fans. The waiting list to stay at the luxury hotel would be years long.

Disney prides itself on being “the most magical place on earth”. Hotel Hogwarts would easily steal that crown away.

Let’s make it happen.

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