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Contrary Capital is a pre-seed, university-focused VC firm with Venture Partners at each of the 40+ top entrepreneurship universities, including UMD. Each campus is run by the local Venture Partners who are students that are embedded into the campus ecosystem. Many of whom are startup founders themselves. They are responsible for sourcing startups, conducting due diligence, building relationships with entrepreneurs, faculty and staff, running entrepreneurship events on campus, and advising entrepreneurs.

Contrary has been operating under the radar for about two years now, as…

University of Maryland has long been the home of incredible innovation and entrepreneurship. We’ve seen massive tech startups from College Park, like Oculus and FiscalNote, along with billion-dollar bioscience companies, like Digene and Martek Biosciences. In fact, the University System of Maryland, as a whole, has fostered more than 500 startups over the past 5 years.

This innovative spirit is deeply engrained in the entrepreneurial education at UMD, which was recently ranked as top-10 in the nation by the Princeton Review. More than that, UMD entrepreneurship has the full support of the state of Maryland and UMD leadership. …

Colin King

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