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And Other Hilarious Measurements

I once asked a friend how his brother was doing. He told me, “Well, he’s attempting to get nearer to Christ. But, you know, like me, he’s not quite there yet.”

At the time I didn’t know quite what to say, but, in the madness of hindsight it struck me — how does one measure nearness to Jesus? Is it in feet? Kilometers? Is it like a radio dial, where one needs to tune in to the correct Hertz? Perhaps amps of intensity? Degrees on a protractor?

I decided to compose a letter.

Some of us have tried the intensity path, going to worship concerts or hopping from church to church or conference to conference. Others have tried the knowledge trail—signing up for courses, studying or diligently memorizing the Bible. But although these can be very good for us, they don’t always give us quite the sort of answers we need. I mean, the unspoken questions at the core of our being seem somehow immune to motivational rhetoric and keyboard choral pizazz (even Christian pizazz). …


Colin MacIntyre

Connect with your Bible.

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