Keeping Boise Our Home

Colin Nash
Nov 4 · 1 min read
Lauren McLean


On a recent bike ride with my 4-year-old, I pointed out our nearby elementary school to him. After watching his excitement grow as I listed his neighborhood friends who attend there, I wanted to say I hoped he’d join them next year in kindergarten.

I hesitated, then decided against it, remembering that the same month he’ll begin school, the lease is up on the only home he can remember. Our prospects for staying in our home or finding something affordable in the area seem less realistic by the day in a housing market growing ever more exclusive for families like mine.

I’ve shared my worries with council president and mayoral candidate Lauren McLean, as have countless others as she’s embarked on a citywide listening tour. I’m generally putting kids to bed during City Council meetings, so I appreciate her commitment to meeting people where they are and genuinely listening to inform her decision-making.

This no doubt has inspired her vision for Boise as “a city for everyone” where families like mine can be at ease that the wonderful city we call home today, remains our home tomorrow, which is why I’m supporting Lauren McLean for mayor of Boise.

Colin Nash, Boise

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