I Got Scammed By A Silicon Valley Startup
Penny Kim

Penny Kim why hasn’t anyone pressed charges against the CEO for Uttering and Forgery, attempted wire fraud, etc. With the amounts he was listening they would be considered a felony. This person should be arrested, not allowed to deceive more people while taking advantage of them. You’ve got witnesses and confessions saying that he knew he was forging those wire transfer statements. He doesn’t actually have to make a wire transfer for it to be illegal all he has to do it present false information to deceive and manipulate people into thinking he did. I would 100% press charges or at least present it to a DA or police to have an investigation. This sort of stuff should be brought to light.

Thanks you for your bravery in writing the article. Thank you for having class and tact when it came to outing the people publicly. I wish the the best luck and great fortune for the troubles you had to go through.

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