Let’s talk about consistency…

Every person starts their year out with one intention whether they realize it or not… and that is to make it better than the year that just passed.

Using the word “better” is completely relative to each individual but I have never in my entire life heard someone say that they want the new year to be worse than the previous year. It just doesn’t make sense.

Everyone, without exception, wants to have the best year of their life so far in 2016 and they probably believe with all of their heart that dream will come true.

But that doesn’t quite always happen…

Let me paint the picture of what’s going on inside your head…

One day sometime in December you are running ideas through your head of how the next year is going to be the best year so far. Your mind is fixated on the end result you want to see in your life. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to grow your business, get a promotion at your job, or lose 20 pounds.

That goal in your head is important to you and you have every intention of accomplishing it with ease by this time next year.

Before we go any further let’s stop for a moment and focus in on the present moment. Ask yourself, am I where I thought I would be in my life right now? Seriously, ask yourself that question because it will show you what went wrong or right throughout that year.

I’ll give the classic new year's resolution of going to the gym more because it is simple to understand. You set a goal to lose 20 pounds this year and for the first two weeks of the year, you took all-out, massive action towards that goal. I mean you were a maniac in the gym! Working out for 2 hours a day 6 days per week and you were starting to see a pound or two fall off. You were probably thinking, great I got this… but then one day you stay up too late watching your favorite television show and you oversleep that next morning and don’t have time to get your workout in before you head off to work. You rationalize the situation and say that you will just work out harder tomorrow to make up for the missed workout.

(do you see where this story is going?)

Now, missing that one workout is not the end of the world and it does not mean you won’t hit your weight loss goal. The problem is that you are “punishing” yourself or “beating yourself up” for not following your exact plan. Your gameplan was two hours per day six days per week and you were fully committed to that strategy. When you miss one day and you realize that your daily life was not dramatically different when you didn’t workout it makes it easier to skip another day… and then another, and then one more after that.

So what’s a solution?

Consistency, consistency, and more consistency.

Pick something that you can do every single day, something easy, that will get you closer to your goal. I mean, really easy because the point is to develop a habit.

For example, start doing 5 push-ups every morning when you wake up. (You can even start with 1 push-up.) The number doesn’t matter at all, but the action of doing the push-ups does. Because over the course of a year you will have done well over 1,000 push-ups, all by barely getting out of bed in the morning.

Pick one task (and only one) that will move you a little bit closer to your one big goal this year.

Just ONE

Focus on the one big goal that will make the biggest impact in your life by this time next year. If you feel that only doing one thing is too easy for you; think again and give it a try…

Develop strong unbreakable habits that will propel you throughout the year. Don’t try to do everything all at once; just take one step at a time over and over again until you make it to your destination…