Advantages of Chair-Bed for Home or Office

If in the house there are children, then the place for their sleep is often a bunk bed: it saves space, and has a comfortable bed. But this design is not entirely suitable for hyperactive children, as well as for children under 6 years of age. Therefore, if your apartment is not big enough, then the ideal option for a daily sleep for children will be chair beds. Additionally, chair-beds can serve as an extra bed for any guest or even a few guests who has casually stayed at your house, or perhaps you decided to stay at work for a night or simply wish to have a rest for a sometime. Nowadays, there are wide range of chair beds with various transformation mechanisms and all kinds of upholstery options. Each model is good in its own way, but there are common advantages of these pieces of furniture:

· Chair-beds are compact in the combined form and leave a lot of free space for playing and moving around the room

· Transportable and practical

· Some models have an orthopedic construction and absolutely all of them have an ideal surface for sleeping

· The production materials are safe

· Most models are equipped with an easy-to-use transformation mechanism, available even to a child

· Almost all models of chair-beds have capacious storage space for bed-clothes and accessories

· Have an unusual design and original appearance

The base for the chair-beds frame can be made of:

· Metal tubes (aluminum or steel) are strong tubes with special powder coating. Basically, such tubes in the base have models with a complicated transformation mechanism.

· Natural wood construction made of different breeds. Products with wooden frames bigger than metal. But with the exploitation and durability of wooden models, problems do not arise.

Rules for choosing a chair-bed

It is necessary to pay attention to a number of points that are considered the most revealing.

· The mechanism of transformation should work easily and without fail at once, and not be developed with time.

· The mechanism of transformation during unfolding should not be squeaky.

· Upholstery material must be hygroscopic, environmentally friendly and resistant to numerous cleaning.

· The fabric of the upholstery should also have a high coefficient of strength, so as not to lose its appearance during long-term operation.

· Along with this, the fabric should be pleasant and gentle to the touch.

· If the chair-bed is intended for a sleeping, then it must necessarily have soft armrests or sides.

· All accessories must be high-quality and safe. All decorative elements should be perfectly fixed, there should not be protruding and sharp elements.

· If you want to buy a chair bed for the baby, then it is worth giving preference to the model with soft armrests.

· The sleeper should be flat and firm. Do not allow creases and strong bruises.

· Of course, furniture should fit into the existing design of the room, so it’s worth to be careful with the design and color.