First, read this great piece by James Clear:

Lessons on Success and Deliberate Practice from Mozart, Picasso, and Kobe Bryant — James… GETPOCKET.COM

Second, I recommend the pocket app. You can install the browser extension to save article and put it on your phone to read and save as well.

The thing about tools is this: they are useful only if you build the underlying habit that make them useful. So if you download pocket, start reading in it at least 5 minutes a day, then let the habit build.

Kindle, Audible and pocket = your ability to do and become anything you want in life.

Information and knowledge is the root.

First, you understand the basics of what makes you (and others) tick through the topics of biology, psychology, philosophy, history, etc.

Then you learn models for success by studying successful people and reading about things they do, say and think.

Then you use all this knowledge to build confidence and take action.

That’s the playbook. You can mix those around in whatever way you want, and you should be doing them all concurrently to varying degrees.

Start now. Do a little bit every day. Then a little bit more than yesterday. And so on.

Now watch this video: YOUR LIFE: WISHES AND REGRETS

This 1:30 second video showcases something you don’t want to ever say in your life… and now is the time to make sure you don’t say that later on.

-Colin Stuckert
Wild Foods

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