Apple Has Lost Its Charm
Noah Halford

I agree with the writer on many points. There are so many head scratching decisions. The new icons that hit the iphone a few years ago are not only less interesting, they are also less useful. I find them much harder to quick scan and find what I”m looking for. For a company lauded for its design expertise and focus on the user experience, this was both surprising and disappointing. And I believe it is an Achilles heel. Apple charges very high premiums for its products, and at least in the laptop and desk top computer market, their only point of differentiation is user experience — the technology is usually several years behind the windows computing infrastructure in terms of CPU performance and GPU performance. And having used both systems, I don’t find the apple one worth an extra $2,000 for a laptop that barely matches the specs of a good machine from Dell or Acer. I like my iphone, but if work gave me a Samsung or other quality Android, I would’t be at all upset. And I’d never pay $1,000 for a phone. Ever. Unless, as Dale says below, it made me thin, sexy and 26 again physically….

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