Every reason to have children is selfish
Kris Gage

Who cares about anyone´s motives? It´s their actions that count. Let´s say someone dumps you so he can travel to Africa and help mankind… Wouldn´t it be better if he stayed selfishly around for cozy bed and breakfast?

Selfishness is behind most of wonderfull things like new medicines, good music and all around plain satisfaction. Careers are about self satisfaction. Deep thoughts otoh move stupid s%&&: homophobia and racism are motivated by a collective wisdom to “preserve society and our values”. Am i wrong?

Back to kids; we are talking about survival of the species. It´s about hope. Children are hope. No matter how dumb hope may can be because hopelessness is even dumber: if there is no hope wtf are you hanging around humans?

I had a gf once who had no empathy for kids. It turned out she was a psycho fatal attraction type who tried to destroy me when i broke up. She is also a lawyer.

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