Anime Festival Asia 2014: Aftermath

AFA SG 2014 is finally over! With that, we have come to the obligatory ‘thank you’ post.

This AFA has been one of the most stressful AFAs ever for the group. And the AFA where we are everywhere! With Seika Project, we have been supplying the convention with Seikas after Seikas. From the animation to even standee art, we’ve managed to sort of leave our mark officially on AFA.

Beyond Seika, we’ve also taken the opportunity to experiment with introducing a new story that we have come up with just for AFA. Pets x Love. Although the production cost of the game along with the related merchandises were not fully covered yet, we are deeply encouraged by the response we have received for the game.

Most of the players on AFA Day 1 was not fully sure about the gameplay and how they can go about it. By Day 3, us the GMs were having a hard time playing against veteran players who knows the rules of the game even better than ourselves! Some of the players have become so well-versed that they actually make better GMs than us and they even volunteered to help us run the game for among themselves!

In all, it has encouraged us to continue developing Pets x Love as a viable IP in both the storyline and the physical card gameplay. Of course, we will continue to sell the cards and the related merchandises with the hope that the production cost will be covered eventually. The next opportunity to release another update to the Pets x Love game is during Doujima 2015 (whenever that is) and before that, we will be doing play-testing of the game. If you are interested in the game, feel free to get in touch with us!

Finally, many thanks for everyone who had volunteered their time at the booth, to all of you who had supported us in one way or another, be it in buying our products or just sharing our posts. We would not have had a fruitful AFA without all of you.

Originally published at on December 13, 2014.