Doujima is coming

Or maybe better known as that event that only has those boring doujin stuffs and no cosplayers. Well, doujins can be interesting too! Then again, this event is targeted towards fans who are into indie artists drawing fanart and selling fanmade merchandises of your favorite character!

Doujima is organized by the guys of Neo Tokyo Project in collaboration with Daiyaku & us truly. In fact, we are so supportive that we did the mascot for the convention (Haru) and we’ll be conducting some talks then as well. Be sure to check out all the doujin circles who will be making a splash at the event.

We will be conducting various talks geared towards artists who aspire to join the doujin community. Komicer, the resident Project Manager will talk about the cheap trick to creating sticky content that will get your online fanbase asking for more.

Illustration is not always design. Space Penguin will be giving a talk on design basics that you can use to better present your doujin products. An essential workshop for those without any design skills and like comic sans!

Finally. What will CDS have over then? Well, we are not too sure yet but probably more Hestia that everyone is raving about?

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Originally published at on April 20, 2015.

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