We have reached Tapastic

Tapastic! It’s an online platform that aims to be the ‘Youtube’ of webcomics and it’s pretty cool too. We have used it for a couple of days and we like it. Sure, it won’t be replacing our Patreon or Facebook as our means of distributing content any moment soon. However, as a standalone, it’s pretty cool.

Something cool is that it allows for multiple series and for a studio with multiple artists, this is a godsend. Right now its only GTN’s MON GIRL series. However, moving forward, we are definitely interested in developing other storylines by others such as WaHa or Space Penguin. We can also revisit old comics such as the Inori Dayo! 4komas or Pets x Love.

Let’s hope we can squeeze out those precious time to do all those!

Originally published at www.collateralds.com on May 4, 2015.

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