Don’t steal: everything about references

What are the references for?

  • References help us better understand clients’ hopes and vision and choose the right style, color scheme, dynamic and sound effects. As for the clients, they are given an idea of how to visualize their story.
  • Searching for references is a way to analyze the current market situation: trends in animation, design and illustration, what solutions competitors use and what works and doesn’t work.
  • With a reference, it’s easier to estimate a price and the amount of work. A reference helps to answer the question: how much time will it take to create illustrations in the selected style and further animation.

Types of references: what’s important to remember when selecting them.

Abstraction by Camilla Falsini
Isometry by Aga Jucha
90s style by Alania Johnson
Unilever — “Every U” Global Film, The Line
American Family Insurance — The Future of Home Insurance, The Digital Ring
Webflow — A New Era of No-Code, Ordinary Folk

Search for references on different resources, don’t limit yourself to one platform.

Use tags that are closely related to your topic.

Choose what you like.

P.S. Can creatives copy a reference?



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