One on destiny.

Where you start
is always somewhere near bottom
each day — in presence,
you have to give up a layer;

This could be, 
the cup of coffee,
that shirt you like
do not throw it away
you avoid it,
write it out

That is the beginning
maybe doing that, 
takes years
maybe finding, 
your layer
the base
takes years of exploration;

for some it is a lifetime
that is okay
if you are happy
that is your layer
if happiness and affection and love
is all you
then stay there,
there are enough unhappy people;

though, and this goes for most people
if you want that next layer
if you really want it
you have to dig deep
find your base
your framework
once you have that
once you have your process
your passion
you start to define
and refine your tools.

If you want to be an Uber
you have to get a car, right?
you have to have a decent car..
you have to drive reasonably well
you have to be presentable
you should engage
develop awareness of people
work around the obstacles
inference logic
this is that sales pitch
‘I went to 50 doors today,
by the end of the year
I can do standup’
this is that.

Now destiny, 
what we are becoming
and I say we,
because you are reading/listening/sharing
so you are searching, as I
with spirit
inertia guiding you
from ends to means,
and through.

Now, you have layers
find a goal
achieve that goal
where you want to be,
what you want to be,
each layer a goal
each part a piece
each step a stride
burn this into your mind
engrane it.

People short-cutting,
the ones making half solutions,
they lose,
they lose so hard in the end
because their destiny
their path to existential truth
is lost,
lost under what they could have been.

Know this
ride your wave,
ride that wave until you cant,
ride it till you are out of breath
because destiny
your layers
and your goals
they rely on you.

Take each days sacrifice,
each weeks truth,
each moments worth,
cram it into this mind
make memories
on the bad days, you look
on the good days, you relish
all & all
progress takes sweat,
passion takes some glory,
you do not get there, 
without giving something up.

Today decide your something,
embark on your journey
one piece, two pieces,
fast as you can
slow as you need
start your destiny
forget the Friday night escapism,
that shopping run
give it up,
sell your soul to yourself
be alive with your passion
sacrifice the intangible for the future
put away your today wishes
for tomorrows glory.

And keep doing it,
each day,
find something you can grasp
pull through
reward your tiny victories
crush your dream goals
wake up everyday,
knowing you.

Are alive.

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