Catching up with #CollectiveFam Black Sheep Coffee

Wooahhhh big up coffee chain Black Sheep Coffee who have acquired eight cafes from rival Taylor St Baristas and are also planning International Expansion after securing £13 million in funding from private investors!

CMDN Collective

Black Sheep Coffee joined Collective back in 2013, when they didn’t have enough money to buy an espresso machine, let alone pay rent for an office. They’ve now received a total of £25m of funding since its inception, some of this funding from private investors such as Tellef Thorleifsson, the first investor in Spotify and Bill Shultz, President of Coca-Cola. This funding will allow Black Sheep Coffee to continue its global expansion, with the aim of growing its existing number of sites from 34 to 70 by the end of 2019. What an incredible achievement!

We think it’s amazing that they are now planning to expand to Asia, the US, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the GCC region, starting with UAE this summer. Black Sheep already has a presence in Manila and is looking to open one more shop in the Philippines before the end of the year. They’ll also be looking to further develop its newly launched e-commerce platform, where customers can buy the Black Sheep Coffee beans, gift cards, branded bamboo re-useable cups and Black Sheep hoodies and t-shirts. The Black Sheep Coffee beans are also now available to buy on Amazon!

Black Sheep Coffee have also been inspiring us for a while with their corporate social responsibility efforts and their sustainable model has contributed to a loyal and dedicated customer base and a growing interest from private investors. Having gone plastic free back in 2014, the coffee shop is now helping homeless people and ensuring that farmers are treated as well as their customers.

Black Sheep Coffee in our C69 pop up space

Co-Founders Gabriel and Erik said:

“We started Black Sheep Coffee to challenge big corporate brands on their sustainable approach, and rid the world of boring, average-tasting coffee. As we continue to grow globally, we’ll continue to adhere to our core values: sourcing the best beans in the world, hire the best baristas in town, get rid of plastic, support our homeless communities, never fear competition, open right next door instead.”

Tellef Thorleifsson, first investor in Spotify, co-founder of Northzone Fund, said:

“I’m really looking forward to seeing how Black Sheep Coffee continues to grow and take the specialist coffee industry by storm. Black Sheep Coffee is on a transformative journey and its tagline to “leave the herd behind” is a true embodiment of what Erik and Gabriel are achieving as they continue to stand out from the crowd.”

Black Sheep Coffee in our C159 pop up space

Black Sheep were supported by Collective at the beginning of their journey, Gabriel said;

“Collective just seemed like a good way to get free office space. It turned out to be a lot more…We made lifetime friends, sharing good times and bad with a bunch of struggling entrepreneurs like us. There are often times when I walk by 159 Camden High Street, I look back at all the good times we had in the early days and miss the incredible team of people who supported us at the beginning and with whom we shared such a difficult but exciting time of our lives.”

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