Collective #SuccessStories — Jonny Pryn, One Third Stories

CMDN Collective
Jul 5 · 1 min read

“When we joined Camden Collective, we were a publishing company of two people who had yet to make a single book (or any money!) using the free hot-desking space. Now we’re a team of six with our own office and 22 books published. By providing an affordable place to work in a great area, Collective made us feel like a proper business and gave us somewhere to show off to potential hires and meet with our early-stage investors.

We’ve also gotten advice about how to deal with being on Dragons’ Den from the founder next door, hired a freelancer downstairs to design our pitch deck, and are currently having our website optimised by a company in the office below us. Every member you meet is working on something interesting so it’s never difficult to find inspiration on even the greyest Monday morning.”

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