#TransformingSpaces — C26 + C26A

C26 was located at 26 Camden High Street and hosted over 50 pop up occupants and several free coding courses between April 2014 and April 2015. The rear and upper floors of 26 Camden High Street were used to run free coding courses and business training.

CMDN Collective

Several startups occupied our C26 space on Camden High Street, including Camden Watch Company and Judy Wu clothing. We also hosted Dan, Founder of Founders and Coders as he ran a 6-week pilot course for absolute beginners. The aim of the course was to give students sufficient skills in web development to seek freelance projects, to find employment, or to work on their own web-based startup.

In the same space, we also hosted an Accelerator programme, which was introduced to give promising and dedicated businesses a rare opportunity. The programme offered businesses with a clear idea of their goals an intensive course on business models, how they fit together, and which would suit each type of venture. Each business then had the chance to prepare a professional pitch before a panel of professionals for the chance to obtain an interest-free loan of £5k-£10k.

One of our first accelerators were Grub Club, a venture that provides unique foodie experiences to people who love experimenting with cuisines and meeting other like-minded people.

Each business benefitted from the extensive knowledge and experience of a range of founders with varying backgrounds who would host workshops and talks. Co-Founder of Grub Club, Sid, said;

“The programme was really useful for us. It improved certain things like presentation skills. We were able to practice our pitch quite a bit. And then of course, working with other companies was very helpful. After the programme, we became a much bigger team, we increased in terms of sales, and used a lot of money from the Accelerator program to build our mobile app.”

Whilst all this was going on, several businesses occupied our pop-up space as a creative marketplace, and then a Christmas marketplace during the festive period. Some of the occupants included Neon Boots and made in Kolore. It offered them invaluable exposure and allowed them to experiment and conduct important market research for their businesses.

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