#TransformingSpaces — C69

C69 was one of Collective’s longest running pop-up shops and housed various occupants including Black Sheep Coffee and This is Rosa Bloom

CMDN Collective
Jul 9 · 3 min read

We ran a competition with We Are Pop Up to fill this space on Camden High Street, and the winners were awarded free space to test new ideas, expand their reach and bring excitement to Camden all month.

Within the first month, we hosted Agnes & Lola, a fashion brand and the founders saw it as a great opportunity to meet their customers in person and introduce their unique collection to a new audience;

“Face-to-face interaction generates a different closeness with the customer that is not always possible online. Camden was also an ideal spot for us as our first pop-up store as our styles are unique and fit into the overall vibe of the area.”

We also hosted Pop Up Ping Pong, and our shop was converted into a boutique-style ping-pong pop-up parlour featuring one Olympic-sized table combined with a street food diner offering dainty and delicious sliders by mini burger purveyors.

As well as this, Anatomica Gallery occupied our space and used it as a platform for under-exposed contemporary artists, illustrators and lowbrow weirdness from around the world;

“It was a great way to expose what you’re doing and get a feel for different audiences. It was also a great opportunity to be part of one of our favourite parts of town and having the chance at a rent free space for a week on a busy high street. We treated it as a sort of test to see if people would like the concept and the artists we planned on showing, which gave us confidence to open up our permanent space in Hackney.”

These are just a handful of the businesses that occupied our C69 pop-up space. We also hosted and led several events, including an event with sustainable design company George Made That, in conjunction with the London Design Festival.

The company, which produces pop-up architecture using recycled materials and technical production transformed our Collective pop-up space, playing on the journey that furniture takes in manufacture and creating new products from the waste.

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