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If someone had asked me a few years ago about the things that I’d want to figure out before 2020 hits, I have no idea what I’d say. “2020” sounds so futuristic! My imagination would’ve probably been running wild. I might’ve talked about budgeting, certain clothes, or unhelpful habits… I’d most likely have been semi-focused on the pieces of my life that I wanted to change, instead of the parts of my own greater whole.

As I meditate on what I’m looking forward to cultivating in the next decade, I can’t help but to feel hopeful about the year to…

Grappling with guilt, identity and money in the Bay Area

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I’m a Black woman. A millennial. A tech worker. An intersectional feminist. A lover of family and community. A homeowner. And…a gentrifier?

That last title is the one I’m most unsure of. Yes, I’ve managed to purchase a condo in the rapidly changing Bay Area, but can a single woman of color, born and raised here, really be classified in the same category of people who call the police about friendly neighborhood barbeques?

I grew up in San Jose with a diverse set of friends, so much so that no one paid much attention to all our differences. We were…

This month is all about creating + reinforcing boundaries.

From work and school to personal relationships and parenthood, the possibilities for misstep can sometimes seem endless. Even in, especially in, the midst of chaos and a climate that feels anything but inclusive, we need to remember that our personal peace is paramount.

  • What can we do to better support ourselves internally, even when external sources of stress are so far beyond our control?
  • What steps can we take, beginning here + now, to protect our peace?

One of the things that is often the hardest for folks is being able…

this month’s affirmation:

“My growth is dependent upon my inner healing.

I understand that change may be uncomfortable, but it is necessary for progress.

I owe it to myself to foster positive changes, in all areas.”

This month is all about taking the necessary steps to foster your inner growth, even if they are new and uncomfortable.

We all know that growth, by its very definition, requires some sort of change. Whether it be big or small, we must expand past our comfort zones in order to create lasting and worthwhile progress.

In what areas are you holding yourself back?

Where can you push yourself, just a little further, in order to create the space and room you need to begin to flourish?


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“I am not my hair”…it sounds good. It has a ring to it; I’d love to feel as though no matter what happens to my outward appearance, I feel glorious.

But the truth is, I am my hair.

I am as multifaceted as its innumerable twists and coils…I am in awe of its versatility and often exasperated by its strong will.

I am my hair.

When it “misbehaved” I felt personally responsible and slightly shameful. I didn’t want to appear unruly, out of control, or exposed. Most of all, my natural hair made me feel vulnerable. I could hind behind…

this month’s affirmation:

“I understand that my emotions and feelings matter.

My love, my pain, my anger and my fear…they come from a place of truth and authenticity;

they deserve to be acknowledged.”

In the midst of a climate that feels anything but inclusive, it is up to us to support our loved ones — and even those we don’t. We are constantly berated with negative narratives, bad news, and untimely misfortunes.

What are you feeling, right now? What do you need to acknowledge, so that you can go through it and subsequently grow through it?

It is so important to recognize the…

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Truth be told, I used to think about this “angry black girl” thing all the time.

Am I mad enough? Am I too mad? Am I supposed to be more mad, but simultaneously not come off like I’m stereotypically always angry?

I didn’t want to be the cringeworthy girl that yells at a higher volume level than necessary or the black woman who always had some sort of “issue”. I refused to be the person that made the rest of us look crazy as hell. I vowed that, even to the detriment of my own comfort, I wouldn’t make other…

this month’s affirmation:

“I understand that my self-care matters.

My self-care practices don’t need to make sense to anyone else. They aren’t selfish, they are necessary for my wellbeing.

I owe it to myself, and myself alone, to create time and space for self-love.”

This month is all about creating the time and space you need to take care of yourself emotionally, mentally, and physically.

What can you do to support your own self-care practices? What steps do you need to take, today and everyday, to set aside time to love solely on you? The busyness and day to day grind often take hold of our calendars and refuse to let go. …

Setting boundaries is hard.

As an empath who tends to be more introverted than not, I’ve often found myself allowing my own discomfort to take root during times where I should actually be putting my foot down. I have to consciously refuse to own other’s issues so that I can keep my own sanity afloat. My energy and peace are far too important to be affected by a person who isn’t interested in mutual respect, love, or growth.

The need for boundaries takes place in different relationships and scenarios. It isn’t limited to physical space and is often actually much bigger than that. Setting…

Brittany Johnson

Writer | Creator of collective(s) in color - a platform dedicated to creating spaces of authenticity and inclusivity in wellness and self-care.

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