Did you notice a swarm of “We’ve updated our Terms of Service” emails in your inbox last month? What the hey, amirite?

Some really cool legislation came into effect in the European Union called GDPR. You don’t really need to know the ins and outs of it. GDPR only affects businesses whose customers include citizens of the European Union. However, you should still be following the the core virtues of the legislation.

GDPR is all about the consent of gathering and sharing information.

And consent is just damn good manners.

As an author with a strong sense of morals, you’ll…

“If my book is really any good, people will read it… right?”

It’s this unspoken belief I hear hovering at the edges of an author’s voice. Fear.

  • I wrote a book. Does this mean I’m good enough?
  • I have an agent. But am I good enough?
  • It sold to a publisher.
  • It comes out in a year.
  • It has a couple of great reviews.
  • Am I good enough, yet?

Hello, Imposter Syndrome!

When you’re stuck in a loop questioning your worth, you’ve opened the door for that bossy little saboteur. …

So you’ve been emailing your readers for a while now, and you feel like that newsletter is just a bit… bland. Every month, you pop open the laptop and just stare at the screen. You get up to fold some laundry and 3 hours later you find yourself scrubbing out the fridge. Anything to avoid writing that stupid, boring newsletter.

You know you need to send it out to stay in-touch with your readers. But sigh. Finding something to say is like pulling teeth.

Stop it. STAAP. You can do this! Unlike a book, newsletters don’t require 27 drafts and…

As an artist, sharing your work with the world can feel overwhelming and confusing. You know your readers love to engage with you and your work but knowing what to share and when is a challenge.

Which is why you’re now staring blankly at the screen in front of you, hoping inspiration will strike as you prepare to write your weekly tweets / blog post / newsletter / telegram using 2 book codes and the caesar cipher. But you just spent hours writing and revising your novel. Your creative juices are petering out. …

Damn right you do.

In the marketing world, we throw around lots of jargon about our ‘target customer.’ We’re always looking to hone in more accurately on that perfect human who will buy all our products.

Welp, it’s a little different in the book world, but the idea is similar.

Colleen Riordan

Colleen Riordan is a book marketing consultant and digital media specialist at Wild Ink Marketing. www.wildinkmarketing.com

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