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The Waiting is the Hardest Part.

Breast Cancer Treatment is no picnic. The fatigue and side effects can be overwhelming. It is draining to spend an entire day…

One Tool of Breast Cancer Prevention: Nutrition

There are many things that cause cancer, but what’s my favorite tool for breast cancer prevention? Nutrition. To help prevent breast cancer, start with eating better foods. Your diet is one of the most important, and easy, lifestyle changes that you can make. The bonus is that it may help you prevent breast cancer.

You can’t control a family history of cancer. You can help boost your immune system by eating foods that make it easier for your body to fight off free radicals. Free radicals are those cells that go rogue and…

“I’m sorry but there was cancer present”

My two year old was in his high chair eating cheerios and watching Big Bird on Sesame Street. My newborn was sleeping peacefully next to his big brother.

“This cannot be happening”.
The world stopped spinning in that moment. What do you do with that information? I am 26 years old and I have breast cancer.

That was twenty three years ago and I look back on what could have been and I am immensely grateful. I was given the opportunity to see many of my dreams realized and the further from the…


The scariest part of breast cancer for me, was the surgery. I was petrified of having surgery. I was only 26 and the only thing I had done to me at that point was a biopsy.

The thought of being put to sleep made me crazy with worry. I tried to explain my feelings and most people didn’t understand. They were thinking I should be happy to be asleep; I wouldn’t know what was going on. When I woke up it was over. I was petrified I wouldn’t wake up.

I trusted my doctors and I was fairing well…


I am no gardener, nor do I play one on TV. I dislike dirt, bugs scare me and it’s, well, work. I do like the results with pretty flowers and super fresh vegetables, so I decided I would try to garden a bit myself. Push beyond my comfort zone and try new things. It definitely fits into a healthy lifestyle. I can start a garden with flowers that smell nice and look pretty or a vegetable garden that has healthy food for me that I grew myself! …

Consult Colleen

In 1995, at the young age of 26, Colleen was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her blog ConsultColleen.com is about healthy habits with a breast cancer focus.

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