Visiting museum alone was one of my 2016 goals and I’m really proud of myself that I accomplished it. At first, I was having second thoughts if I should go to Metropolitan alone or not because if I go there alone no one would take a photo of me and I might go to the wrong directions or something but nevertheless, I went there all by myself but of course my parents had to drop me off and they went somewhere else. My parents have always known the fact that I do really enjoy doing things on my own, for me it is an art because you get to discover more about yourself, you get to do the things you thought couldn’t do, etc.

Enough of the intro!

Shall we?

I went there around 12:21 to be exact, glad that I was the only person visiting the museum so I could take selfies!

Was kind of nervous when I took this selfie ‘coz someone might see me. Haha!

First stop

TAPAS: Spanish Design for Food and Bodegones exhibit

Food brings not just only comfort but it also brings togetherness. I just love the fact that food can bring people closer together. Eating with my family has one of the many things I always look forward to specially during on weekends. I love how my family would always share stories and laughter every time we’re eating together. I always cherish those moments. I can relate to Filipino culture of eating by using my hands instead of using spoon and fork or by just simply eating together with your loved ones.

Next stop:

The Philippine Contemporary: To Scale the Past and Present

Sorry if the photo wasn’t properly taken, actually taking pictures in this section isn’t allowed. I just admired how good this artwork is.

I do like sports but I’m not an avid fan of basketball altho I know a little bit of something about basketball. I believe, at the end of the day, regardless of what sport you’re playing or supporting, it will always the hard work and dedication that count. This artwork shows that Filipinos will always excel in the field of sports. In addition, this photo shows that Filipinos are unstoppable, they didn’t have to wear rubber shoes or jersey for them to be able to play. It reveals their love and passion for ‘basketbol’

For me, this artwork shows self-love and confidence. Some girls these days would go crazy about dieting and or being skinny because for them that makes them confident about themselves. But this artworks only shows that regardless of your weight, height, skin tone, or even beliefs, your beauty should not depend on these things. We are beautiful in our own ways. ❤

This artwork shows sympathy and love for people. This shows what true friendship is.

My visit in Metropolitan museum was more private and ‘intimate’ because I had no one but my thoughts. I also like the place, I like the interior (very classy). Also, it was quiet so I got to reflect and deeply understand the artwork unlike when I went to National museum, there were lots of people talking, laughing, and taking pictures. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy my visit in National museum it’s just that I should’ve went there earlier. Nevertheless, I had so much fun visiting these two museums. When I went to Metropolitan, it was my treat to myself after a long and tiring week. I deserved it.

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