Kristi Coulter

As someone who has chosen a sober life about 3.5 years ago, I think the line I relate to the most in this piece is “Newly sober women have a lot of wonderful qualities, but lack of judginess not one of them.” This is something I am starting to grow out of. For the sake of my friendships and my relationship with my family, I need to remember to stay focused on myself and my own problems and not judge how others handle their problems. I think what helps me most is to remember that if other people like to drink in their pastime, that’s just one aspect of who they are. Most people have much more to offer than just being a good drinking buddy. In other words, it’s important not to label others. It only separates “us” from “them”. And it really is all about our own discomfort in the newness of sobriety that brings out the judgement. I agree that it feels really good on the other side though. Judgement, however, does not feel good. I am sure it will get easier the longer I continue on this path.

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