Woman smiling with a mouth full of food

I’m (finally?!) coming to a clearer understanding of something I’ve long suspected: dieting (or thinking my body needs to be smaller) is a bullshit way to live.

We do live in a toxic diet culture. We’re so steeped in it that even those of us who “know better” and think…

black and white image of a woman in a dress suspended in the air in a backbend with the silhouette of a mountain behind her

Heed the call. Do the thing. Don’t hold back.

Before I took my first yoga teacher training, I was already in love with yoga, with the changes it brought to my life. It was healing to my body, cracked open my heart, and the Tantric philosophy dug the hole a…

Woman rowing a canoe on a blue lake in the mountains.

I went out on that trip to feel something.
To come back and share it
To prove, “I live!”

Share the story of the dogs who chased us
Baying and baring teeth
Never looking, pedaling faster
Til they dropped back in defeat
That story told on repeat
So that I could live it again —…

Noah has a class today that looks so good, and I have yet to be on the mat with him this quarantine.

But after a night of lazy raining, the sun is shining through swiss cheese holes in the dark blue-gray clouds landing like a spotlight on my patio, beckoning…

I had a yoga student ask me recently if it was normal to feel anger during a yoga class. She said that she used to feel anger towards things like the teacher or the grating playlist but now she feels anger just come up — seemingly out of nowhere. I…

I was sitting on a Zoom call with 35 other spiritual butterflies and wellness experts when a woman came over the audio and shared that she was losing her shit. A divorce was looming and she needed help. When she shared the bare threads of her experience and the leader…

Colleen Hieber

Dynamic group leader in transforming health, habits, and the way we connect. www.colleenhieber.com

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