So I Bought a Standup Desk

Remember when everyone was talking about standup desks? Why they were awesome, then why they were terrible, then not at all anymore…

I do too. And people were seriously heated over whether or not they were better than sitting desks! (Of course, people get heated about everything these days).

I read all the articles and watched the videos and after mass amounts of way too much information about a desk, I gave up entirely and left that little dream in the dust.

Then last week happened.

I went to Peoria’s upscale recycled office furniture space, Excel, and I was primarily looking to replace my old-school captain’s desk that was falling apart. I wanted to match the two minimal-style Steelcase desks I had and I found something similar enough to work.

But then, I saw a set of standup desks hanging out inconspicuously in the corner of the store. One with a white top, one with a mahogany top, and another in black.

They called to me the way pieces of our past do.

“Remember when you almost bought one like us?” The voices called across the room in unison.

“Come try us out. You’re going to love us!” Another squealed in delight.

As I wafted over to the corner of treasures, the salesman began speaking about all the joys of standup desk ownership.


Many various heights.

Minimal footprint.

Holds 300 pounds.

I was sold. The white-topped, silver-legged, marvel in the middle was mine before I even got there. In the same way an adopted pet chooses us — this desk chose me.

And I can honestly say after a week of use that despite all of the things — pro and con — that I’ve read concerning standup desks over the last couple of years, this is the right setup for me.

Maybe it’s all those years of retail jobs on my feet that have me accustomed to a more physical day-job or maybe I just become a sloth when I sit down. But this desk is magical.

Sure, I still have a stool should I need a break from being on my feet, but I could never go back to a sitting-down-all-day-job after this.

Thanks for capturing my heart, you inanimate hunk of metal and plastic.


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