The Cats Are Coming October 29th

National Cat Day is October 29th. I founded this day to help galvanize the public about the plight of cats and how many need saving, (and spaying & neutering) every single day.

The internet explodes on National Cat Day and the media is readying for the annual cat craze and flood of adorable felines squeezing into small spaces, looking cuddly, dressed in costume and performing crazy antics in funny videos. Cat lovers, shelters and rescues from around the world will be celebrating the colorful and wondrous purrsonalities of cats and working to help save their lives.

National Cat Day 2014 exploded the internet, trending #1 worldwide on Twitter, with the support of a myriad of A-list celebrities celebrating with their cats, most notably, the lovable, cat obsessed Taylor Swift, who promoted and celebrated my day with me, on ABC’s The View.

This year is sure to be just as grand as the last, with Petco joining the National Cat Day family and celebrating the day at all Petco stores across the nation, by offering a 20% discount on all Blue Buffalo cat products for October 29th only. Petco also offers in-store adoptions, so if you’re considering adopting on Cat Day, I encourage cat lovers to check their local Petco for fur kids in need of a good home.

This year’s highlights will include two photo contests, one, the “Search for the Most Lovable Shelter Cat” for shelters and rescues to enter photos of adoptable cats hoping to win 1500 pounds of BLUE Naturally Fresh Cat Litter and the other, The National Cat Day “Most Cuddly Cat” for cat parents to submit photos of their cat in a cuddly moment for a chance to win the grand prize of a year’s supply of BLUE Naturally Fresh Cat Litter. There will also be second and third place winners who will receive 6 months and 3 months of litter, respectively. Also part of the festivities, Theory Animation presents a wonderful animated short film in honor of National Cat Day, featuring YouTube stars Ray & Clovis. Ray the Iguana is a guitar-playing, hopeless dreamer. Clovis the Cat is Ray’s incredibly cheerful, yet endlessly frustrating, roommate.

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