How to start a company with no free time
Sara Mauskopf

I would love to know how you managed to hire awesome people before you had any cash flow. When I had a business, before it was profitable, I was always WISHING I could do recruiting but I did not have a big wad of cash from which to pay them. Good people are not cheap. Furthermore, how do you get VC’s to even know you’re alive. Problem I always wanted to have: VC’s chasing me. Once I was rolling in $$ they were all over me, but by then I didn’t need them, but I nearly killed myself getting there ALL BY MY SELF. You say don’t go it alone, but what’s in it for others to help you if YOU have no $$$. In the end, for me all hurdles boiled down to lack of MONEY. Please let me and everyone else here know how you got over this hump so easily, sick husband notwithstanding. You must have had hella savings and personal resources (i.e. fam/friends or really phat ex-job that you saved 100% of for years) to be able to launch a biz under such circumstances. Keep in mind what is the reality for most of us: our friends and relations are as broke as we are and we have no financial pillow.