A Hedrick family tradition
Tyler Hedrick

Christmas Clumps

Every year around Christmas, my family makes lots of different kinds of cookies and other sweet treats. We like to try new recipes each year and make our old favorites as well. A few days before Christmas, we have a big baking night. We each go online and search for the best cookie recipes. After we each find recipes, we decide on the best ones to make. We then put on Christmas music and before you know, the kitchen smells amazing. We have tried many different recipes over the years. However one treat we are sure to make every year is peanut butter buckeyes or should I say Christmas clumps.

Our tradition got started back in 2010. My mom thought it would be a great idea to make homemade peanut butter buckeyes. So she found a recipe and made them herself while the rest of us were in school or at work. When we got home that night, we were surprised to see these clumps of chocolate sitting on the kitchen counter. “What are those supposed to be?” my dad asked. “They were supposed to be buckeyes.” my mom replied crying. But those candies did not look like buckeyes at all. The chocolate chips were clearly not melted all the way and were pretty much scattered all over the balls of peanut butter. The four of us just looked at each other strangely. ‘But they’re not buckeyes at all!” My mom sobbed, “They’re… They’re Christmas clumps!” We then just looked at her and burst out laughing. “That’s really not funny” She said “They actually look ok.” I said trying to comfort my mom, “I’m sure they still taste good.” And they did taste delicious. However my mom was still upset about the way they turned out. That’s when my dad got an idea. “Maybe we can try making them again.” he said, “I’m sure they will turn out better if we melt the chocolate in the crock pot instead of the microwave.” “If you want to try again, be my guest!” my mom told my dad, “But I am not going to be involved.”

So that weekend, the four of us got to work. We rolled the peanut butter into balls, dipped them into the smooth chocolate in the crock pot and put them in the freezer. This time the candies looked like actual buckeyes and I think my mom was pleasantly surprised when she walked into the kitchen that evening. Now every year we make those buckeyes and share them with our friends and family when they visit for the holidays.

Here is our recipe for the buckeyes Aka Christmas Clumps


  1. 5 cups of creamy peanut butter
  2. 1/2 cup of softened butter
  3. 3 cups of powdered sugar
  4. 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  5. 1/2 teaspoon of salt
  6. 2 cups of melting chocolate ( milk or dark can be used)
  7. Combine peanut butter, butter, vanilla and salt in a mixing bowl and beat with a mixer on low. Then add the powdered sugar and beat until blended.
  8. Shape the mixture into balls and put the balls in the refrigerator
  9. After about four hours, melt the chocolate in a crock pot on low and stir the chocolate while it is melting to make it smoother.
  10. Next insert a tooth pick into each peanut butter ball and dip them in the chocolate until 3/4 of the ball is covered.
  11. Put the finished buckeyes on a tray with wax paper and refrigerate them until the chocolate has hardened.
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