How a YouTuber Influenced My Life

Laura aka Littlexloves was just a typical young woman who just happened to have a YouTube channel. On this channel, Laura would post videos of her reborns. In case you are wondering what a reborn is, it is a very realistic doll that is modeled to be the height and weight of a real infant or toddler. Laura shared her passion for reborns with us by making role playing videos with these dolls. She gave each of these dolls their own name and distinct personality, which brought them to life. Laura’s positive attitude, creativity and upbeat personality made these videos fun and engaging to watch. Laura also posted personal videos about herself and always put herself out there on YouTube. Her videos always cheered me up if I was having a bad day and had a way of getting my mind off of what was bothering me.

Laura sadly passed away unexpectedly last month and is greatly missed by her family, friends and almost 100,000 subscribers. Even though Laura did not have the easiest life and had been through many hard times, her confidence and determination to overcome obstacles made her a positive influence in the YouTube community and a great role model to many, including myself.

One way Laura was a positive role model to me was through her love of writing. Laura expressed herself best through writing and had multiple journals that she often wrote in. About a year ago, Laura posted a video of herself sharing her journals with us. She showed us what she kept in each journal and how her journals were organized. She even shared some pages of her journals with us. I used to have a journal myself but sort of lost interest in writing once I started college. However, Laura’s video inspired me to start writing again and I now have a few journals that I write in weekly.

Another way, Laura influenced my life was through her positive attitude. Although Laura often got many comments on her videos making fun of her reborn hobby and calling her fat and ugly, she did not let these rude people bother her. Instead she would block the users who left these comments and even made a few videos stating that these comments didn’t bother her and that she would continue to make videos and be herself no matter what anyone said. Laura’s confidence in herself and her hobby helped me to feel more confident in myself and not let people’s words bring me down.

The biggest way Laura influenced me was through her courage to share her life story online. Almost two years ago, Laura posted a more serious video of herself sharing her difficult life story. She talked about how she was abused and bullied as a child and how that has affected her life. She also discussed how she managed to stay positive through these hard times and how she got to the place she was before her death. Laura’s confidence and bravery to share her story inspired me to open up more about my challenges with autism and to share my story here on Medium. I used to be fearful of discussing my disability and thought people might think of me differently if they knew about it. But Laura’s life story video encouraged me to share my story without worrying about what other people thought. My story ended up getting a total 45 views and is still my most read and recommended story to date. If not for Laura, I probably would not have gained the courage to tell my story.

In conclusion, Laura was a positive influence in the YouTube community and to myself because of her positive attitude, confidence in herself and her determintation to overcome significant challenges. Laura has encouraged me to continue using writing to express myself, to not let others bring me down and to not be afraid to open up about my disability. Laura’s positivity still shines on through her YouTube channel and she will be greatly missed.

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