My Boss Made Me Quit My Job

When I was 23 years old and only a year out of college, I accepted a job at a local preschool. This was also the same preschool I had done my student teaching at and it didn’t go very well. So I was nervous about this job and almost didn’t want to take it. However, I had been out of work for 6 months after being let go from my last job and this preschool job was the only offer I had gotten. So I had no choice but to accept the job.

Things were going well at first and I liked the children and my co workers. But I was only working 6 hours a week and was not making enough money to support myself and be able to afford everything I wanted. So I got another job the following fall shelving books at the local library. This job was also going really well and I was working 10 hours a week there along with my 6 hours at the preschool. So things were going really well for me and I was enjoying life. However, that success did not last much longer.

After a couple months, the other assistant at the preschool had to take some time off due to family issues. So that made me the only assistant working there for a while. That’s when my boss really started to take advantage of me. She wouldn’t let me know when she needed me to work until the last minute. So I was stuck sitting around all week waiting for her to text me. It was hard to make plans when I didn’t know what days I was working. My boss also made me set up and clean up the classrooms and gym by myself everyday while she either talked on her phone or was on her laptop. She never even bothered to help me. I found this rude and inconsiderate.

But it doesn’t stop there. The next day I would come to work, my boss would criticize the way I cleaned up the classrooms and never thanked me for all the hard work I did. An example of this was when I emptied the water table and didn’t take the toys out when I was finished. She told me it was my fault that she was behind schedule because now she had to sanitize the water table. She then handed me the toys and some disinfectant soap and made me clean them by myself, which took half of the morning. My boss never even showed me how to clean the water table and failed to let me know I needed to take out the toys. So I found it really unfair that she just expected me to know how to do it.

Another time, I had to set up the paints and easel and mixed up the bottles of paint on the shelf because I couldn’t tell which ones were open since they all looked identical. My boss was not happy about the mixed up paint bottles and told me that having to re organize all the paints was wasting her time. If I was wasting her time and putting her behind schedule, why did my boss even want me there at all?

By Christmas I was really fed up with my boss. But was hoping things would get better once the other assistant came back. However, things didn’t turn out that way and one final incident with my boss in March got me to my breaking point with my boss.

A little girl’s parents were late picking her up and my boss told me to sit with her until her parents came and read books while she was in a meeting. I read books with this girl for about 20 minutes and her parents still hadn’t shown up. The afternoon Pre-K class was about to start in 10 minutes and the little girl was getting worried about where her parents were. So I thought I had no choice but to ask for help.

I went into my boss’s office and told her that the little girl’s parents still hadn’t arrived. My boss told the girl she would call her parents and I left after that because I had already stayed past my shift.

The next day I came to work, my boss was not happy with me at all. She said she was very disappointed with the way I had handled things with the little girl. She explained that it was irresponsible of me to bring her into the office and that I should have waited with her or knocked on the office door before going in. My boss said she wasn’t going to write me up but I did have a warning. I found it really unfair that I got a warning for that and didn’t feel like I did anything wrong at all. I understood that I should have knocked on the office door before entering but didn’t see why bringing the girl into the office was so impetuous. It’s not like I left her alone in there. Besides I figured my boss would want to contact the girl’s parents before the afternoon kids got there. It was also discourteous of my boss to expect me to stay past my shift. I had other things to do that day and had to be at my library job, so I did not have time to stay later than scheduled.

This incident was my last straw with that job. I just couldn’t take it anymore! I was tired of not knowing ahead of time when I was working, having to clean up and set up the classrooms by myself, being criticized rather than getting a thank you for all the work I did, and getting a warning when I didn’t do anything wrong. I was done with this preschool and my boss and decided to resign at the end of the school year.

Since leaving the preschool, I have continued to work at the library and like that job so much better. I have a more regular schedule, supervisors who appreciate my hard work and I’m making more money than I ever made at the preschool. Overall working at that preschool was not a great experience and I definitely think stepping down from the assistant position was the right decision.

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