Tunes Vol. 1

This post is nothing more than a playlist filled with “new” music I’ve been listening to lately. I wanted to break up the serious and contemplative posts I’ve written with something simple.

So here’s a playlist filled with songs I’ve been listening to recently. Maybe you’ll find a new song or band to love, or maybe you won’t.

Perfect Places by Lorde

Everything Now by Arcade Fire

Don’t Delete the Kisses by Wolf Alice


Prom by SZA

Penthesilea by Daddy’s Beemer

Seventeen by Sjowgren

Adore by Amy Shark

Bike Dream by Rostam

Easy Easy by King Krule

Dude Like Him by Willie J Healey

Weight of This World by The Kingston Springs

Hypnotic Regression by Girls Names

Thighs by Bummers