Healthy Gift Baskets Make Nutritious & Delicious Treat for College Students

As a parent, sending off your child to college can be a tough time for you. When they are moving far from you, chances are you want to find a way to keep in touch. Besides calling them five times a day, sending them gift baskets is a great way to know you care and you miss them. Usually, gift baskets loaded with food supplies are highly appreciable for college students. It can include dried fruits, protein bars, healthy cereal bar, candies, coffee, hot and cool chocolate, protein bars and then it will be pleasant to all college students.
College-bound students experience meeting new people, shifting to the dorm, joining student organizations and also cramming for exams. With hectic schedules, a load of completing assignments and a full night ahead of studying, a quick snack make your student stay alert and energized. They need to stretch that student budget as much as they can for all those light snacks.

Healthy snacks on-campus can be hard to come by. Ensure that your beloved students have some healthy options to choose from back in the form of all-in-one college care packages. You can help your student to keep the pace while staying healthy and happy with a delicious selection of healthy snacks from College Care Packages.

College Care Package provides one of the most fun and practical healthy gift baskets for college students. This care package from Laughing Moose Gifts is a variety of 28 individually wrapped single-serve snacks, a really cool mason jar mug filled with Tootsie rolls, a college ruled composition notebook, Three packs of movie-theatre style microwave popcorn, Four packages — individual servings of premium hot chocolate mix, Two packages of Planter’s Salted Peanuts on the Go, Two pieces of wonderful, stress-relieving bubble wrap and personal care supplies.

This college also makes unique birthday gifts for college students. Each care package/gift package is packed with care and all the items are quality products they are sure to enjoy on their special day. It saves your time as you don’t have to hop around different shops and you will feel good for giving a really cool, fun, useful and practical gift they will enjoy. Imagine the smile on his/her face when your student opens it and discover all of the useful and fun little ‘treasures’ carefully packed inside the box. To know more, visit​