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As a graduate student studying nursing, there is a chance that the student needs to complete a certain amount of work experience for a Master’s in Nursing. Not all nurses working in the field today have a graduate degree, but that degree is usually necessary for those interested in working in administrative positions and those hoping to work in private practices. Most nursing programs give students the options of selecting a concentration as well.

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Pre-Nursing Work Experience

There are several different ways to get good pre-nursing work experience. What the students choose may depend on their age, interests and whether they are still in high school. The students don’t have to pick just one pre-nursing experience, doing a combination of things may provide the students the best, most well-rounded experience. Here are some of the options that can be considered:

Shadowing a nurse is one of the best ways to get pre-nursing experience. During a shadowing experience, the students will get to see what a nurse does from day to day. That means the students will witness the good things as well as the things that may be a little gross or upsetting. It’s one thing to read about a career, but observing things first-hand is invaluable.

The best way to get shadowing experience is to sign up for a healthcare shadowing program with a reputable provider. Shadowing programs often have different options regarding the location and the length the shadowing experience.

Another great way to gain exposure to the field and get pre-nursing experience is through volunteerism. Volunteer opportunities are available to many high school and college students in various settings. For example, students may volunteer in pediatric health clinics, community health organizations and non-profit organizations.

Additional volunteer opportunities may include hospital work and disaster response abroad. If the students are interested in volunteering abroad, there are lots of providers who can arrange the experience on the student’s behalf. There are countless places the students can volunteer and gain experience. The important thing to be noted is that some organizations may have a minimum age requirement or require a commitment of a certain number of hours each month.

Working in a medical field is a great chance to gain pre-nursing experience and also earn some cash. There are a few different jobs that require just a brief training period. For example, most certified nursing assisting programs only take one semester to complete. If the students are over 18, this is a good way to work side by side with nursing mentors and also earn money. Working as a nursing assistant provides direct patient care experience and may also be a foot in the door once the students graduate nursing school.

Another employment option is to work as a monitor tech. Monitor techs sit at monitor consoles viewing a patient’s heartbeat, oxygen level, and EKG waveform. If an abnormality is discovered, the tech informs the doctor or nurse. Although it can vary, on-the-job training may be available.

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