From Crazy “C” to Crazy “B”. Premonitions, Rainbows and Unicorns

Reading the first cease and desist letter, I knew things were about to get into deep shit and my gut was dead on. I had no idea how bad it was going to get however. I was half amused and half horrified as Chuck’s letter accused the undersigned of “cheapening his brand” by being in an inferior knock off P!NK tribute band. There were mentions of tax liens, frozen bank accounts and seized gear if Rik continued to use the Reservoir Dogs name. Fines of millions of dollars and jail time were both mentioned. I was so appalled, amused and completely baffled. Rik decided to throw Chuckie a bone and change the name to “Funhouse” for the upcoming show at Napper Tandy’s, which I decided would be my one and only show. Despite my decision to get out of this band, I felt it would be tragic for the band to never perform.

Yes, I the player was about to ghost my backup chic but I was about to meet my soulmate. Enter Barbara, the former singer of Weird Science. Or B for short. I liked to call her “Crazy B”.

I had auditioned to replace her in her former band but didn’t get the gig. Always in tune with gut feelings, however, I had a random feeling we would work together. She had friend requested me on Facebook and I would occasionally get a psychic “flash” that we were going to connect. Those flashes were getting stronger when I finally got a message from her.

“Hey Collette, are you in any projects right now?”

“I sing in the Fred Savages, and I am in a P!NK tribute band that I need to get out of, but I am looking for a serious project.”

“You wanna meet?”

“Sure, when?”

“How bout today?”

“Done. 3 o’clock?”

And there we were at Starbucks, a few hours later. We had both been deeply in the 80’s tribute scene and had a ball gossiping about all the different bands. 80’s music was a real life page out of the movie “Rockstar”. We were the real life Steel Dragons. Tribute bands were non stop drama, but B. and I were unusually even keeled people. B. had mentioned that she had put a new band together called Lavender Steel, a mixture of 80’s/90’s and original music. She mentioned that the band had an A list booking agent and would pay for a video. I was in like Flynn.

First on the agenda was to do an official photo shoot, I met up with B, and the band in DUMBO and had what was one of the most enjoyable photo shoots I had ever done. The vibe and energy were super happy, no ego, no drama.

It was rainbows and unicorns and truly a magical day. I was looking forward to transitioning out of The P!NK Tribute Band and focusing on Lavender Steel. I made my journey home, on a high. I went to get my mail and my vibe just crashed.

Chuck was at it again. Only this time, I was getting the exact same cease and desist for the name Funhouse.

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