An interesting fact about my life…

My kids were born on the same date, 4 years apart.

Now most people would think that in itself is pretty interesting. It has to be pretty rare, right? There can’t be a lot of siblings out there with the same exact birthday. The nurse told Schaefer (big brother) he was mistaken when he kept saying “It’s my birthday.” Nurse: “No honey, it’s your brother’s birthday.” [lol — confusion all around].

So what could be more interesting than that?

My son Schaefer was born the first day of the fall semester for the University of Florida. Do you want to guess what the busiest day of the year is for a scooter dealership? Yep! The first day of school!

So of course the New Scooters 4 Less team razzed me about this for a while and of course I told my wife, “Honey, we can never have a baby during back-to-school rush ever again!” Of course, we plan… God laughs ☺ Maddox made his debut on the exact same date 4 years later.

My friends just think that my wife and I get our groove on only one time a year and this is the surprise we receive, lol.

The truth? I just feel like I don’t have enough on my plate during back-to-school rush and like to add major life-altering events to the mix!