Let’s Talk About NS4L.TV Episode 34

Yesterday, I put out this vlog where I talked about a bad sales tactic:

In short, it’s frustrating when individuals that want me to advertise with their company randomly stop by, interrupt my day, and then proceed to tell me that I should do something because my competition is doing something. I don’t care what my competition is doing. What I care about is whether or not your product or service (that I’m paying for) is going to bring my company value.

Since this vlog has been posted, I’ve had some interesting questions sent to me so I thought I would just talk about a couple things in hopes it may provide some additional value and/or clarity:

  • I don’t hate print advertising. Yes, I do believe that print advertisers need to evolve and find ways to provide additional value to clients (maybe through digital media, website/article ads, blogs, etc.). Seriously… I got into a heated discussion with someone that was really pushing to get me to advertise in a day planner… A planner! Guys… we all have calendars in our phones. The phone is the remote control to our lives. Planners are out. Sorry! Do I still pay for print advertising? YES. There is still plenty of value there if the price is right. If I believe that the value for the price is there and it will bring me a solid return on the investment, then I’m all about it! However, I rarely see the value in spending $1,000 in a small booklet or magazine because I know that my customer’s (students) eyeballs are all on the same thing… their phones. I believe that by investing that money into social media, my return will be far greater. As a business owner, you need to know who your audience is. There are a lot of great publications in Gainesville that I respect and would absolutely advise businesses to consider because I know it will generate return! (Again — the price has to be right though.) If you own a company that sells advertising, focus on the value you are bringing to your customer. What else can you offer your client that will give them more value than ‘everyone else?’
  • Yes. You should experiment with social media advertising if you haven’t before. I still don’t think people understand how detailed you can get with targeting. The amount of information there is around this topic is overload, so I won’t dive into details, but do some googling and try it. A great place to start is messing around in power editor on FB.
  • “What’s the ROI on your vlog Collin?” I’ll admit it. I like doing things ‘outside of the box.’ The answer to this question is, “I don’t know yet.” I will probably write an entire blog on this topic at some point in the future, but what I will tell you is this… I truly believe the long-term value of this vlog will be beyond anything I can imagine at this point. That is why I’m investing in it. I’m trusting my gut. What has it done in the short-term? It has held me accountable as a leader. It has exposed our values and brand to customers, potential customers, and in many cases their parents. It’s journaling my journey… If at the end, that’s all it does, it will be one heck of a story to show my children when they are older. To me, that’s worth it.

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