A Meditation on the Gift of Creation

Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash

Right here, right now, present in this moment:

I am home.

I am safe.

I belong in this Universe.

I am a part of it and it is part of me.

I experience peace and harmony knowing that everything is exactly as it is supposed to be.

I have desires.

I have wants.

I recognize and respect these.

I observe their origins and I judge them accordingly.

I feel the true hunger of my soul and I listen to the needs of my body and mind.

There is a fire in me and I feed it with the actions that align with the yearning of my highest self.

I am committed to acting in accordance with my beliefs.

I will travel through this world with no doubt that I am where I should be, and that I am doing what I should be.

I am present.

My heart is in alignment.

I am loved and I am in love.

I act and I speak in accordance with this love.

I am in love with the world around me.

I see it reflecting my energy.

I am always open to inviting more love into the universe.

I speak my truth into the universe.

My words are in accordance with my beliefs.

The universe speaks its truth to me and I listen.

I, and only I, am responsible for the words that I say and I will write and speak with that in mind.

I learn from the Universe.

I listen when it shares its message.

I see when it shows me a sign.

I trust my intuition and I seek to let her decide what becomes.

I have been given the gift and the privilege to take part in the creation of this ever changing Universe.

I hold on to that gift and I cherish it.

I promise to use my power of creation only for good.

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