A Toast to ‘The Toast’
Nicole Dieker

I subscribe to more than a couple Patreons with the motivation of just helping support the writer continuing to do what they currently do (not for any particular end product). Usually niche blogs or webcomics. I do also put money in virtual tip jars, actually probably more than I put in actual tip jars (I only drink tea, it’s a cup of hot water and a tea bag, and I know the tea bag doesn’t cost $2.50). There are actually some free things that I end up going looking for a tip jar or donate button and get disappointed when I can’t find one.

If you publish on a lot of different sites it’s probably worth it to have a link to your personal/professional website in your byline or at the bottom of the article or whatever where you have the link to your paypal/whatever. So that people like me can throw their money at you.

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